An Evil Brother

Sampeu Koisi outside a Kaliado Law Court; Photo Courtesy

Kajiado County: A 22-year-old man in kajiado impregnated his three sisters. Sampeu Koisi was arraigned in court over defilement charges. Koisi’s case was relatively unusual as the victims of his evil deeds were his own sisters aged 17, 6 and 12. The man who hails from Ilamarba village, Kajiado Central appeared before resident magistrate Irine Gahoya and has remained in custody for mention of the case.

Reports shared to Hello News reveal that Koisi pleaded not guilty to the charges. However, he later confessed following the intervention of community elders, who also referred to him as a notorious culprit.

Soon after appearing before the magistrate, a discussion it in the internet led by the Kenyans on Twitter (KOT). While some Kenyans doubted whether the victims were Koisi’s sisters, others requested the government to offer him to the public and face the deserved wrath.

The Kajiado incident comes at a time when schools are closed due to COVID-19 pandemic. Nationwide analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the youth reveal that the number of teen pregnancies have risen in by a significant margin. This finding have obtained a robust boost from the Koisi’s case.

Cases of young girls being impregnated by their close relatives have been reported numerously. Local political and religious leaders have called upon the young girls to stay firm and rebuke such behaviours.

Other leaders also cite lack of public awareness for the rising numbers of incest and teens pregnancies. Hence, public education programs should be taken to the Maa Community as a way of curbing such cases.

 ‘Why did Koisi choose to prey on his blood sisters? His actions reveal the immense assault faced by young girls in the immediate society.

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