A case of jealousy? Kenya Power plans to join solar business

Kenya Power is currently initiating plans to join the solar power business in order to maintain its customers following the shift of large companies to solar.

Kenya Power

The electricity distributor, Kenya Power, is making its plans to join the solar power business in order to stay relevant and remain at the top as electricity producers in Kenya. Many companies are opting to solar energy as it is affordable and efficient.

They aim to install panels in homes and business premises within the country, promising to provide affordable but uninterrupted power. Kenya Power felt the hit following the shift of huge companies as it continued to make losses and register low sales.

According to the utility firm, its consumers will benefit hugely from the affordable solar energy that will be generated during the sunny hours of the day.

In addition, once the plan will be initiated, the firm will seek customers that need installation of solar panels and also contact private firms that require solar power. Photo-voltaic (PV) modules will be installed on rooftop or ground space depending with client’s preference.

KPLC will hence sell the generated power at a discounted rate to office blocks and home owners despite the source of power being the sun, which is free for every human.

Currently, KPLC has seen a loss of over 54 per cent of its industrial customers who shifted to solar power as an affordable but reliable means.

Some of the companies who have opted to use solar power system are Mombasa International Airport, the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), and Africa Logistics Properties. Recently, Total Kenya announced it will shift all its branches to solar power.

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