21 Teenagers arrested after being found drinking and smoking in local club

21 teenagers in Webuye, Bungoma County have been arrested by police in a local club. They were found busy drinking and smoking within the town at a local club.

21 teens arrested after being caught drinking and smoking

Consequently, Residents near the joint tipped off police after hearing loud noise from the bar.

Valerian Obore, Bungoma East police boss, says the teenagers were arrested at around 5pm at Santa Barbara bar and restaurant.

The officers, led by the OCS, stormed the bar and found 14 girls and seven boys. Their host, who was a woman, was as well arrested for hosting the minors.

According to Obore, the 21 teenagers were aged between 14 and 17 years old.

During the raid, the police officers found several alcohol crates, to which some were emptied.

In addition, Obore says the teens are detained at the station as they wait for their parents’ arrival. She adds that the parents are expected to answer to why their children were in a bar.

She further adds that she’s calling upon parents to take care of their children and keep an eye on them to avoid engagement in sex and drugs.

There have been several bars and restaurants in Webuye that have been on red light for disregarding Covid-19 regulations.

This incident comes after an arrest of 44 teenagers in Nairobi that were arrested while partying.

A number of used condoms were found in the joints where the teenagers were arrested.

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